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All Muslim Baby Names | Complete Alphabetic Listing | 6288 Names | Page 307

This list includes Muslim baby names from the Quran and other sources. All the names are verified and acceptable for Muslim children. Pink names are for girls, blue for boys, and green for both girls and boys.

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Persian for "intelligent", "easy to love", and it is the name of a fragrant plant known as ... Read more


Arabic and Persian for the fragrant plant known as Reseda in English. Read more


Zarfaat is na Arabic name for girls that means "elegant", "refined", "courteous", "witty", ... Read more


Arabic for "lion", "brave warrior". Can be pronounced with a long or short second "a" sound. ... Read more


Arabic for "lioness", "brave warrior". Read more


Kurdish for "beautiful", literally "golden faced". Read more


Persian for "gold-colored", "like gold". Read more


Persian for "gold-colored", "like gold", "with the quality of gold". Zargone, Zergon, Zergone Read more


Persian for "golden flower", from Zar ("gold", "golden") and gul ("flower"). Read more


Zaria is a Kurdish name for girls that means "ocean", "great sea". Read more


Zarib is an indirect Quranic name for boys that means "striker", "fierce attacker". It is ... Read more


Arabic for "very fast horse". Read more


Persian for "golden", "made of gold". Read more


Persian for "golden", "made of gold". Read more


Zariya is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means "scattering wind", a wind that ... Read more


Zariyan is an Arabic name for boys that means "dispersed in the air", dust or leaves that the ... Read more


Persian and Arabic name of a plant known for its good scent. The scientific name of this plant ... Read more

Zarqa Bano

Urdu for "blue-eyed lady". Read more

Zarqa Habiba

Iranian/Urdu for "blue-eyed beloved friend". It is made up of two Arabic words ("blue[-eyed]" ... Read more

Zarqa Sultana

Urdu for "blue-eyed sovereign", "blue-eyed queen". Read more
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