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Asalam alaikum Iwant to name my son. The words the mufti sahab gave me according to his islamic date ofbirth are laam yey and alif. My husband wannaname him yusha as its a prophetsname. But some ppl r saying its not a muslim name and he was a jew. Is this true? However i read aboutit and it says yusha was the great grandson of hazrat yousuf A.S. plz guide me i like this name..can i guve this name to my son? Im a muslim. Plz reply. Thanku


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Firstly, there is no reason to name your child according to his date of birth. There is no such practice in Islam, and it may fall under fortune-telling which is prohibited in Islam. Just choose any name that you like that has a good meaning.

As for Yusha, there is nothing wrong with it being a Jewish name. The prophets Yaqoub (Jacob), Yusuf (Joseph), Musa (Moses), Harun (Aaron), Zakariyyah (Zachariah), Yahya (John) and Isa (Jesus) were Jewish.

Yusha is the Arabic word for Joshua, a good man and a companion of Prophet Musa (Moses), whose name means "God is salvation", which is a good meaning.

Yusha is an acceptable name for Muslims. The only issue is that since this name is mostly used by Christians and Jews, people may think your child is Christian or Jewish. However, if Yusha is a common Muslim name in your area, then there wouldn't be a problem.


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  1. Anonymous on Thursday 11th of August 2016 10:22:38 AM

    Correction to answer : the mentioned noble Prophets (pbut) were not “jewish” as wrongfully stated. They were all Muslim, as the Qur’an says. You can however say that the names are of israili/jewish origin.

  2. Anonymous on Wednesday 21st of December 2016 02:36:32 PM

    Could we name this (yousha)to a girl? I meant could it be a name of a girl? If it is a name of a girl so should she change it?

  3. Anonymous on Sunday 19th of March 2017 05:34:31 PM

    the mentioned noble Prophets (pbut) were not “jewish” as wrongfully stated. They were all Muslim, as the Qur’an says.

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