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Assalam Aleykum, can you tell me please what is the meaning of the boy’s name “Azlan”? How do we write it and if it’s a good name or not? Thank you

Edit by QuranicNames.com Staff: Azlan is a variant of the Turkish name Aslan, which means “lion”. They are both acceptable names. Azlan is pronounced [(U)p + (Z)ero] + [(LAN)d] with emphasis on the second syllable. (Friday, August 8, 2014)

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  1. Ruba (Hills) on Thursday 8th of May 2014 07:24:23 PM

    W/salam, i do not know the meaning of this name, but i’d like to raise a few concerns regarding this name. Azlan is the name of the “lion messiah” from the Narnia chronicles, which is a popular children’s book/film in the west.

  2. Ruba (Hills) on Thursday 8th of May 2014 07:34:06 PM

    The name Azlan is a boy’s name of Turkish origins meaning “Lion”, ergo the “messiah lion” from the popular Narnia Chronicles being named this.

    If you are not living in the west or do not wish to raise your children in the west (most specifically the UK region) then i recommend you name your child Azlan if that is what you wish to name him. But i must warn you in the UK we are required to read the Narnia Chronicles as part of our studies at one point and children might find it funny to see a child also named this.

  3. Ruba (Hills) on Thursday 8th of May 2014 07:55:22 PM

    If you are still determined to name your child “Azlan”, i think it is best you stick to that particular spelling rather than “Aslan” which is how the “messiah lion” from the popular Narnia Chronicles name is spelt as. So avoid the spelling “Aslan” and stick with “Azlan”.

  4. Anonymous on Wednesday 6th of August 2014 04:33:17 AM

    It is pushto name that means “LION”and spelled AZLAN. I named my son Azlan Gul and I’m very happy with my decision. I do live in USA, and this consider very unique and decent name.

  5. zafar Iqbal Malik on Thursday 28th of August 2014 06:51:40 PM

    Ok, thank you for sharing you all. May Allah bless you all.we also choose the name for our grandson who is also in usa…thank you so much

  6. Anonymous on Tuesday 28th of April 2015 02:49:44 PM

    I have found out this webside and kept name of my son .now my son is named as Azlaan is this pronounseation right answer soon

  7. Anonymous on Saturday 2nd of April 2016 05:02:45 AM

    Assalamu alaikum frnd kya azlan name islami ha ya nai???

  8. Anonymous on Tuesday 12th of April 2016 09:26:47 AM

    pls tell me the meaning of hazlan

  9. Anonymous on Thursday 12th of May 2016 10:16:37 AM

    We named our son azlan qays…
    In one boom I read meaning of azlan as ” a person with good family background ”
    And qays means lover
    Azlan – inspired from chronicles of Narnia
    Qays- inspired from a classic… Laila majnu

  10. Anonymous on Saturday 13th of August 2016 08:14:59 AM

    Salam, what is the correct pronunciation, Azlan or Azlaan?

  11. Anonymous on Tuesday 4th of October 2016 03:06:21 PM

    Assalamulikum, my son born yesterday 03/10/2016. And I would like to keep his name Azlan because my another son,s name is Aazan .

  12. Anonymous on Wednesday 12th of October 2016 10:40:26 PM

    My name is Noor Azlan and origin from the east ,I do hav mixed blood originated from my late father which I found to be Turkish n my mum is Chinese Indonesian,proud to be from where I came from…not really a bad name as someone told me im brave as a lion as well!

  13. Anonymous on Monday 31st of October 2016 11:12:14 AM

    boy what is this u name ur children azlan yet hes not good in addmath,so search youtube batu petir ponari

  14. Anonymous on Friday 6th of January 2017 10:20:04 AM

    Assalamualaikum plz tell unique double name for my son with meaning … thank you….

  15. Anonymous on Tuesday 7th of February 2017 10:30:43 AM

    kya azlan ke meaning allah ka sher h
    plz tell me soom

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