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Urdu (Desi / Indo-Pakistani) Baby Names | 1146 Names | Page 55

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Note: Since Urdu is a language developed from Persian (Farsi), this page also includes Persian names that are used by Indo-Pakistani people. The endings of Persian names that end in “eh” are changed to “a” in Urdu, thus change Afsaneh to Afsana to turn the Persian name into an Urdu name.

Added on March 8, 2014


Ahdia is an Arabic and Persian name that means "woman who keeps her promises". It is formed from Ahd ("promise") and the attributive suffix -iyyah, which can be shortened to -ia. Read more


Shanaz is the Kurdish variant of the Persian name Shahnaz and means "beautiful", "loved", "like a princess". Read more


Persian for "bride", "princess", "beautiful", formed from Shah ("king", "best") and naz ("pride", "gentleness", "coquetry"). Read more
Added on February 24, 2014


Shamir or Shameer is a Hebrew name for boys that means "flint stone" according to many websites. According to the Persian dictionary Qamoos e Ketab e Muqaddas, which is more trustworthy than ... Read more
Added on February 18, 2014


Urdu for "one who finds gold". It can also be a variant of the Kurdish name Zryan. Read more


Almas is a Persian name for girls that means "diamond". Read more
Added on February 17, 2014


Urdu name formed from Arabic Azhar ("most prominent", "most visible") and ad-Deen ("the religion", which refers to Islam). The full meaning is "one who clarifies and explains the religion", ... Read more


Persian for "disperser", "distributor", "spreader", one who shares or spreads something. It is often used as a suffix for other names, such as Gulafshan ("spreader of flowers") and Nurafshan ... Read more
Added on February 13, 2014


Arabic and Persian for the fragrant plant known as Reseda in English. Read more


Persian for "intelligent", "easy to love", and it is the name of a fragrant plant known as Reseda in English. It is also the name of a character mentioned in the Shahnameh. Read more


Persian for "gold-colored", "like gold", "with the quality of gold". Zargone, Zergon, Zergone Read more


Persian for "gold-colored", "like gold". Read more


Persian for "golden", "made of gold". Read more


Persian for "golden", "made of gold". Read more


Persian and Arabic name of a plant known for its good scent. The scientific name of this plant is Taxus baccata. Read more

Zarqa Bano

Urdu for "blue-eyed lady". Read more

Zarqa Habiba

Iranian/Urdu for "blue-eyed beloved friend". It is made up of two Arabic words ("blue[-eyed]" and "beloved") arranged in an Indo-European grammatical structure (adjective followed by noun). Read more

Zarqa Sultana

Urdu for "blue-eyed sovereign", "blue-eyed queen". Read more


Urdu feminine form of the Arabic word Zawal. It means "sundown", the time before sunset. Read more
Added on February 12, 2014


Persian for "beauty". Read more
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