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Urdu (Desi / Indo-Pakistani) Baby Names | 1146 Names | Page 54

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Note: Since Urdu is a language developed from Persian (Farsi), this page also includes Persian names that are used by Indo-Pakistani people. The endings of Persian names that end in “eh” are changed to “a” in Urdu, thus change Afsaneh to Afsana to turn the Persian name into an Urdu name.

Added on March 11, 2014


Persian for "friend", "companion". Synonym of Yawer. Read more
Added on March 10, 2014


Persian for jasmine. Synonym of Yasmin. Read more


Persian for jasmine. Synonym of Yasmin. Read more


Persian and Arabic for the jasmine flower. Singular form of Yasm, which itself is the singular form of Yasmin (in Arabic we have singulars of singulars and plurals of plurals). Read more


Persian and Arabic for the jasmine flower. Singular form of Yasmin. Read more


Persian and Arabic for the jasmine flower. In Persian it also means "like jasmine". Read more


Persian for "friend", "companion". Read more


Persian and Arabic for the jasmine flower. Read more


Persian for "wreath" or "garland", a crown or necklace made of flowers and worn at festivities. Read more


Colloquial Persian for "beautiful", "beloved", "coquettish". Read more


Persian for "highest", "most sublime". Read more


Persian for "beauty", "elegance". Read more


Persian for "intelligence", "sharp-mindedness", from Arabic roots. Read more


Name of the father of Rustam, the Persian mythical hero in the Shahnameh. Its meaning is "old man with white hair", he was named such because he was born with white hair (according to the story). Read more
Added on March 9, 2014


Zar is a Persian, Turkish and Kurdish name for girls that means "gold". Read more


Persian for "golden flower", from Zar ("gold", "golden") and gul ("flower"). Read more


Zarafshan is a Persian name for girls that means  "spreader of gold", "spreader of good things". It is made up of the words Zar ("gold") and afshan ("spreader", "distributor"). Read more


Iqbal is an Arabic name for boys that means "becoming successful", "facing problems bravely and getting things done". Iqbal is the name of a famous Urdu language poet whose full name is ... Read more


Maya (مايا) is an Avestan (an ancient Persian language) name that means "graciousness", "gracious nature". Since this is a good meaning, Muslims can use it. Maya can also be the name of a ... Read more


Shahbaz is a Farsi and Urdu name for boys that refers to a type of eagle, the Eastern Imperial Eagle. It is short for Shah baz, Shah means king and baz means eagle, so the literal meaning ... Read more
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