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Urdu (Desi / Indo-Pakistani) Baby Names | 1146 Names | Page 53

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Note: Since Urdu is a language developed from Persian (Farsi), this page also includes Persian names that are used by Indo-Pakistani people. The endings of Persian names that end in “eh” are changed to “a” in Urdu, thus change Afsaneh to Afsana to turn the Persian name into an Urdu name.

Added on May 1, 2014


Afsana is a Kurdish name for girls that means "story", "fable", "epic tale". It is derived from the Persian word Afsaneh. Read more


Afsaneh is a Persian name for girls that means "story", "epic tale", "fantasy", "fable". Read more


Afroza is a Persian name for girls. It is a variant of Afrozeh. Read more


Afrozeh is a Persian name for girls that means "that which illuminates", "bringer of light", "fire blaze". Read more


Abrisham is a Persian name for girls that means "silk". Read more


Afrisham is a Persian name for girls that means "silk". It is a literary synonym of the Persian word Abrisham (the common word for silk). Read more


Afraz is a Persian name for boys that means "nobleness", "sublimity", "loftiness". Read more


Afrasiab is a Persian name for boys that means "fearsome", a warrior that others are afraid of. It comes form Pahlavi origins and is the name of the king of Turan (a region of ancient Pesria) ... Read more


Adarina is a Persian name formed from Adar ("fire"), -in- ("like"), and -a (name-creation suffix). The full meaning is "fiery", and figuratively it means "beautiful". Read more


Abanus is an Urdu variant of the Persian name Abnus. Either spelling and pronunciation is acceptable. For more details see: Abnus Read more
Added on April 5, 2014


Arash  or Aresh is the name of an ancient Persian hero who is known as Arash the Archer, mentioned in the book known as the Shahnameh of the poet Firdousi. The meaning of Arash is ... Read more


The Persian dictionaries say Yazar, pronounced [(YA)rn] + [(Z)ero + r(U)n + p(R)ay] with emphasis on the first syllable, is the name of a place. In Turkish, Yazar means "writer". It is ... Read more
Added on April 1, 2014


Nijat or Nejat is the Persian and Urdu pronunciation of the Arabic word Najat, which means "salvation", "success", "to be saved". Read more


Arya is a word that in Sanskrit, Avestan and Old Persian means “noble” and “excellent”. Read more


Armeen is a Persian name for boys that refers to a character mentioned in the Persian epic tale of Shahnameh (Book of Kings). We cannot find any information on the actual meaning of this name, ... Read more


Agha is a Turkish word that means "lord", "master", "chief". It is used in Persian similar to the English word "mister", thus a person called Muhammad Shirazi would be called Agha-e-Shirazi as ... Read more
Added on March 29, 2014


From New Testament Susanna, from Hebrew Shoshana ("lily"), probably related to the Persian name Sawsan, which also means "lily" Read more
Added on March 11, 2014


Arabic and Persian for "reunion", "communion", "being together after a lot of hardship and struggle", it can be used for family reunion, friends finally meeting, or lovers finally marrying one ... Read more


Arabic and Persian for "certainty", "lack of doubt". Read more


Persian for "power", "capability", "courage". Read more
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