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A Quranic Name for Girls

How to pronounce Raeesa

RUn + EAst + Sweet + rUn

Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Raeesa in Arabic)رَئِيْسَة
Quranic Nature
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Indirectly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of RaeesaRayisa Raisah Raeysa Raesah Reeeseh Reeisa Raeesah Rayisah Reeisah Reeesah Raeisah
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.
Quranic Root
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All Quranic baby names derived from R-HAMZ-S:

Meaning of Raeesa

Raeesa is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means “leader”, “master”, “chief”, “the best woman among a group of women”. It is derived from the R-HAMZ-S (“head”, “main”) root which is used in many places in the Quran.

He said, “My Lord, indeed my bones have weakened, and my head has filled with white, and never have I been in my supplication to You, my Lord, unhappy. (Quran 19:4)


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  1. Anonymous on Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 01:55:25 AM

    I love this name expect my name is Ra’eesa
    thats with the ‘

  2. Anonymous on Monday 29th of June 2015 01:25:13 PM

    my name is Raeesa people think i am a bit too bossy well i used to be but not anymore i changed alot in 3 years i have become a person i never thought i could be

  3. Anonymous on Sunday 16th of August 2015 02:27:42 AM

    my life partner name it is just like same as.
    i love this name…..

  4. Anonymous on Monday 17th of August 2015 08:08:31 PM

    Raeesa is a very beautiful name and I love it,it is the name of my sister she is very beautiful I love her

  5. Anonymous on Monday 31st of August 2015 12:09:22 AM

    My name is Raeesa and I truly am grateful for my name as it accurately defines my character and personality.

  6. Anonymous on Tuesday 7th of June 2016 07:32:13 PM

    Thankyou for all of this and my name is Raeesa

    mashalah mashala mashala mashala mashala mashala mashala mashala mashala mashala

  7. Anonymous on Tuesday 7th of June 2016 07:34:18 PM

    I love the name Raeesa because its a beautiful name.

    allah fiz

    mashalah mashala mashala mashala mashala mashala mashala mashala mashala mashala

  8. Anonymous on Tuesday 7th of June 2016 07:35:09 PM

    I love the name Raeesa because its a beautiful name.

    allah fiz

  9. Anonymous on Wednesday 8th of June 2016 09:14:03 PM

    My name is Ra’eesah and I believe that the valour that struggles is better than the weakness that endures I don’t give up I don’t give in I don’t lose hope and I don’t lose heart and I believe that that’s qualities of a leader something I wish to become

  10. Anonymous on Monday 13th of June 2016 05:07:03 PM

    can i change thspelling of Raaesa

  11. Anonymous on Tuesday 23rd of August 2016 06:16:41 PM

    My name is Raeesa …marshaallah….it just so true of the person I am

  12. Anonymous on Friday 7th of October 2016 05:54:44 PM

    I like this name because my daughter name is Raeesa&she is very cute baby.

  13. Anonymous on Friday 31st of March 2017 11:23:29 AM

    Please Add wich surah this name i am rauf Bovikanam raufbovikanam@gmail.com

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