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What is the meaning of Zulaikha?


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Zulaikha is an Arabic name for girls. The interpreters of the Quran say it was the name of the woman mentioned in Surat Yusuf (chapter 12 of the Quran) who tried to seduce Prophet Yusuf peace be upon him, and who caused him to be put in prison. The woman is later quoted in the Quran saying some wise words which may show that she had found Allah and repented, and for this reason Zulaikha is an acceptable name for Muslims:

I am not trying to absolve myself: for man’s very soul incites him to evil unless my Lord bestows His mercy. Indeed, my Lord is forgiving and merciful.’ (Quran 12:53)

The meaning of Zulaikha is not known for certain, since it is supposed to have come from ancient Coptic roots. Some say it comes from the Z-L-KH Arabic root and this would make it mean "one who walks fast".

Zulaikha is pronounced [(Z)ero + p(U)t] + [(LAY)] + [(KH)artoum + m(A)n] with emphasis on the last syllable. It is written as زُلَيْخا in Arabic and can also be written as Zulaikhaa, Zuleikha, Zuleykha, Zoleikha, Zolekha in English.

There is a variant of Zuleikha pronounced [(Z)ero + p(U)t] + [(LAY)] + [(KH)artoum + r(U)n] (notice the short "u" sound at the end), with emphasis on the second syllable. This version is written as زُلَيْخَة in Arabic and can also be written as Zuleikhah, Zuleikhah, Zulekhah, Zulekha, Zuleikha, Zoleikha (among many others) in English.

You can use either variant. There are also other variants that you can use, such as Zuleiha and Zalikha.

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  1. on Tuesday 21st of November 2017 06:01:56 AM

    From Islamic names for children and it’s meaning, Zulaikhaa means brilliant beauty

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