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Arham (means more merciful)

Is it suitable to keep such name for boys. It is derived from "arhaman nir rahim" and is not Allah subhan watallh name. According to few scholors, it is not a siffat of Allah so it can be kept as name.


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 Arham is different from ar-Rahman. It is like Ahmad (Islamic name) and al-Hameed (name of Allah). For this reason you can use Arham with no problem.


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  1. Anonymous on Friday 3rd of April 2015 04:21:36 PM

    Arham is my child name but i have a doubt that is it similar to womb Under which para the name Arham is mentioned.

  2. Anonymous on Thursday 3rd of September 2015 02:51:55 PM

    Is there any problem for giving name as arham Muhammad

  3. Anonymous on Friday 22nd of January 2016 09:45:51 PM

    my name is arhama so I checked on lots of pages but it wont tell me the meaning for it please if you know then can you type it

  4. Anonymous on Tuesday 2nd of August 2016 02:27:14 PM

    Assallamu-alaikum to everyone. Alhamdulilah, by the grace of AAllah I became a father on 24th July 2016. I want to keep my daughter’s name as Arhama but I don’t know the meaning of Arhama. can you please let me know the meaning of AARHAMA

  5. Anonymous on Tuesday 31st of January 2017 05:14:28 AM

    how to select name with date of birth. means how to select a name according to date of birth

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