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Assalam Alaikum dear brothers/sisters. My question is, is it haram to name your child a name that is not from the holy quran? my first childs name is islamic, Kerim Adem and my second son is Arda. Both names are spelt according to turkish ways of Karim Adam. Second son is just spelt Arda and this name I have been told is not islamic. So my question is, is it haram to name the second son Arda..? Please give advice. Jazak Allah


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It is completely acceptable to use non-Quranic names for your child. The names HamzaUthmanZubair and Fatima are all non-Quranic names. Non-Arabic names are acceptable too.

Islam has no rules about names except that they shouldn't have a bad (anti-Islamic) meaning, such as Abd al-Lat ("worshiper of Lat"), Lat being the name of a pagan goddess. If a word has a good meaning, it can be used as a Muslim baby name regardless of its language or origin.

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