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We named our first son Hadi Hussain 7years ago when he was born. We searched through internet and liked this name. He didn`t start speaking untill about 5 years of age and been very very quiet. Now he can speak but still not talking.He has abnormal behaviours. He is actually diagnosed with Autism about 2 years ago. We are still struggling with him. Alhumdu Lillah he is physically well and active. But cognitively well below his age. We have been told that his name is not right.One of my Arabic speaking colleague meaning of Hadi as being quite. Others say that Hadi is only unique quality of Allah Subhanaho Wataallaha and we should change it to Abdul Hadi. I really need proper guidance about it according to Holy Quran and Hadith. If there is any doubt about this name, I would be happy to change it


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Those people are completely wrong. Ali is also one of the names of Allah, and yet it was the name of the Prophet's cousin and son-in-law (Ali bin Abi Talib), and there is no issue with it. Hadi is the same, you can use it alone or with abdul. It is acceptable in Islam to use most names of Allah as baby names without abdul except for a few of them, which you can read about here:

Below is fatwa 3538 from the Permanent Fatwa Council of Saudi Arabia, headed by Ibn Baaz, one of the greatest scholars of the past century. He says the name Hadi is acceptable Islamic name and there is no need to use abdul with it:
May Allah make your situation with your son easy.

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