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I need help on deciding the name for my 3rd baby girl. For my existing 2 daughters, I have kept the following :
- Thaqiya kulsoom
- Saliha mariyam
While I was deciding for my 3rd daughter's name as Safiya Taneem, my Arabic friend said, individual names are good, but not the combined one. Some grammatical issue he was referring. Will you be able to help with the 'second name'. Or with more names similar to my 2 daughters.


This is an official answer by QuranicNames.com Staff
There is no issue with the name Safiya Taneem. The first name means "chosen one" and the second means "to bless". The two names do not interact with each other, each keeps its own independent meaning. Since no new meaning is created, each name keeps its own good meaning, and no issue is created.
If you ask your friend to explain what he thinks the issue is, inshAllah we will be happy to write a reply.
Here are some other second names you can use with Safiya:
Safiya Mustafa (both names come from the same root and have the same meaning of "chosen one")
Safiya Sadiya (Sadiya means "successful", "destined to be happy")
Safiya Aaliyah (Aaliyah means "sublime", "exalted", together there name means "Safiya, the exalted/high-status girl")
Safiya Nafeesa (Nafeesa means precious and the name means "Safiya, the precious girl")
Safiya Aneesa (Aneesa means "close friend", "one who brings peace and comfort to the heart", thus the full name means "Safiya, who brings peace and comfort to the heart")
Safiya Zakiyyah ("Safiya the pure girl")
Safiya Marziyya ("Safiya, the girl that God is pleased with")
Safiya Raaziya ("Safiya, the girl who has a peaceful and content heart")

Follow up question:

I will try to get the details from my friend on Taneem. I also heard from my father told by his friend who have learnt Arabic in reputed madrasa that, Taneem is 'to bless', and he feels not appropriate as Allah is the one to bless.

Can you please comment on the name Safiya Aiyman. I have almost finalized on this one. I will wait to hear from you to close on this in'sha Allah.

Our answer:

Taneem means "to bless", "to give someone a blessing/gift/favor". The name could mean "blessing from Allah", saying that your daughter is a gift from Allah. This is a good meaning and there is no issue with it.
As for Safiya Aiyman, there is no interacting between the two names since the first name is feminine while the second one is masculine. Each keeps its own independent meaning. Safiya means "chosen" as said before, and Aiyman (which I assume you are using as another spelling of Ayman/Aiman) means "blessed". This is a good name since both names have good meanings.
In the past, women in India/Pakistan were given multiple feminine names, but recently due to Western influence, it is becoming common to give a girl a masculine last name. This is perfectly acceptable from an Islamic perspective, as in Arabia women are always given a masculine last name, which is usually, but not always, the name of their father.

Follow up question:

We have decide on Safiya Hanan. Please share your comments in this regard.

Our answer:

Safiya Hanan is an acceptable name. Hanan means "affection", "sympathy", "love". It is a word that's used in the Quran in verse 19:13. There is no interaction between the two names, each name has its own meaning.

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