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Muslim Girl Names – Girl Names from the Quran | 2174 Names | Page 81

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Added on February 18, 2014

Sidratul Muntaha

Sidratul Muntaha means "Cedar of the Furthest Point", "Lote Tree of the Utmost Boundary", which refers to a great tree in the seventh heaven mentioned in the Quran: 13. And he [the Prophet] ... Read more


Arabic for "firm decision", "resolution", "firmness of resolve". Read more


Arabic for "resolute", "strong-willed", "decisive". Read more


Name of a fountain in Paradise. The name's literal meaning is "water that falls down from a high place", such as water that falls down from a waterfall. Read more


Hunain is the name of a battle mentioned in the Quran, which was won by the Muslims. Hunain is the name of a valley between at-Taif and Mecca in which the battle took place. The literal meaning ... Read more
Added on February 17, 2014


Shifa is an Arabic name for girls that means "cure", "healing", "remedy". Read more


Arabic for "garment", "clothing". It refers to the black silk cloth that covers the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Read more


Arabic for "distinguisher", one who distinguishes between good and bad, or between truth and falsehood. Read more


Arabic for "announcement", "news", "tidings". It is the name of chapter 78 of the Quran. Read more
Added on February 16, 2014


Arabic for "high", "exalted", "raised". Read more


Arabic for "high", "exalted", "raised". Read more


Arabic for "one who races others", "one who races others and competes with them in doing good deeds". Read more


Arabic for "successful", "blessed", "destined to be happy". Read more
Added on February 13, 2014

Zarqa Bano

Urdu for "blue-eyed lady". Read more

Zarqa Habiba

Iranian/Urdu for "blue-eyed beloved friend". It is made up of two Arabic words ("blue[-eyed]" and "beloved") arranged in an Indo-European grammatical structure (adjective followed by noun). Read more

Zarqa Sultana

Urdu for "blue-eyed sovereign", "blue-eyed queen". Read more


Arabic for "blue eyed". Read more


Arabic for "visitor", "pilgrim". Read more


Urdu feminine form of the Arabic word Zawal. It means "sundown", the time before sunset. Read more


Arabic for "sundown", the time close to sunset. Read more
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