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    baba musa

    assalamuallaikum please i need two beautiful similar names for my twins a boy & a girl. If you
    can help me.

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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

    This is a question that you can answer yourself; please go through the lists of names on our site and find similar names that you like. This is what we would have to do to answer you, but since it is a time-consuming task and since our extra expertise is of no help here, we leave it to you and our readers to provide you with suggestions.

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    yaya khan

    I need the names for my twins

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    Asslamu alikum,

    I need twins name . boy & girl

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    Asalau alaikkum. I need Twins name boy & girls

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    Yasmin and Yasin

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    Maybe Safwen and Latifa, not simillar I think it’s better names be different but the same style.

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    As Salaam Aleikum please I need two beautiful names start with A for my twins a boy & a girl. If anyone
    can help me.

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    I want modern islamic names for twins boys and girls

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    sia ul haq

    Asalamualikkum I need a menaning full name of twins for girl and a
    boy pls help me

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    Jannat Al-Ferdous


    I suggest;
    Tahir and Tahira.
    Mahir and Mahira.
    Deen and Deena.
    Khalid and Khadija. 😀
    Sameer and Sameera.
    Ameer and Ameerah/Amirah.
    Zacharia and Zara.

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    Abdul Mahdi

    Ali and Aliyah, very strong meaning. That’s if you want two similar sounding names of course!

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    Twin Girls

    Assalam Alaikum Dear

    Hopeyou all doing well by the grace of almighty Allah .
    Can please help me with sending twin Baby girls names.

    Jqzakallah Khair
    Abdul Azeez

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