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    I am not sure that can we name our daughter with izzah name..
    izzah means most powerful and our belief is only God has this quality. .?????
    And also I read on net izzah is mentioned in Quran pak in positive and also in negative way..
    so above both reasons make me to think can as a Muslim are we alow to name izzah to our daughter or not… is this will good name for a muslim girl?????
    Please help me for this
    thank you

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    Brother please help me to find out the answer of above question,,,,,,,

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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

    Izzah means “greatness”, “majesty”. It is a good meaning and can be used as a name. All names in Islam are acceptable unless there is a clear and valid proof that it is forbidden, and there is no such proof for the name Izzah. Azeez is a name from the same root and is quite common among Muslims.

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