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We have named out daughter Inaaya Maryam on her 7th day. My husband is about to tegister her officially and we want to make sure spelling, hence meaning wise is correct in Arabic and the Quran

From what we gathered Inayah means solitude / concern but with a double 'a' it means gift from Allah. (This was from google and from forum). Question is is the meaning for Inaaya with a double a correct, does the meaning really differ with the double a / single a. Pls if you can explain the Arabic breakdown of the word and if we can find from the Quran.

Finally if Inaaya does mean gift from god, is it with an h or without or does it not matter? How would I spell it in Arabic.?


This is an official answer by QuranicNames.com Staff
There is no difference between Inaya, Inaaya, Inayah or Inaayah. They are all the same exact name and means "help", "support", "care", which is used with the meaning of "help that comes from Allah", which can be interpreted as "gift from Allah".
You can spell Inaya with or without an "h", it is up to you. The Arabic spelling is عِنَايَة
Since this is an Arabic word, there is no official English spelling for it. You can choose any spelling you like. Simpler spellings are usually better, for this reason Inaya may be the best choice.


Reader Comments:

  1. on Sunday 12th of April 2015 12:19:03 PM

    I used to be very confused aftes i heard that there is a difference between single ‘a’ and double ‘a’ in the name inaya, because i have always told my daughter that her name’s (inaya’s) meaning is care or protection, now thanks to you i clearly know the meaning and proud that i told her before.

  2. on Friday 14th of August 2015 05:35:25 PM

    My grand daughter is born on 13 July, 2015. Today we register her name as inaayah in Registrar office . Is this name suits star wise with her birth date

  3. on Sunday 1st of November 2015 03:31:44 PM

    asak can i keep my daughter name as aroosh few alim yes u can but few say different meaning,kindly say me t6he right one

  4. on Tuesday 5th of July 2016 10:57:17 AM

    Inayah means concern and Inaaya means help/support from Allah so their is a significant difference. Personally, I don’t think the double a matters because you can just drag the a, non-Muslims generally won’t drag it either way.

  5. on Sunday 9th of October 2016 05:44:32 PM

    I decided my daughter name as inaya but there are different meanings for word inaya, inaaya, inayah. Pls help me and as per quran tell one of the above

  6. on Wednesday 19th of July 2017 03:41:00 PM

    My niece name is Inaaya meaning of its name gift of God,it is very nice name plzz in the name write double ,”aa”

  7. on Wednesday 1st of November 2017 06:06:16 PM

    Please write the name in Urdu inaaya and lucky no name of inaaya

  8. on Monday 25th of December 2017 02:32:30 PM

    How to spell Inaaya in Arabic. Because I’m from Bahrain so I need to know how to write this name in Arabic?

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