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Yaminah is suppose to mean “blessed” other than the literal meaning “right side” . But my research on the root words does not indicate the meaning “Blessed” could you please clarify on this .


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Yaminah (written as يامنة in Arabic) comes from the Y-M-N root (read as Yumn) which is a a root that means "blessedness". It is the opposite ofShu`m, which means "hardship". This is the same root as other common names like AymanYumna and Maimun, all of which mean "blessed".
This root also means "right", "right-hand side". Therefore Yaminah can also mean "right-handed female".
You can check out any of the classical Arabic dictionaries to find both meanings. The most respected classical dictionary is the 18-volume Lisan al-Arab by Ibn Manzour (died in 1311 AD), and he places "blessedness" as the first meaning of this root, afterwards he mentions "right-side", etc.

Follow up question:

Jazakallahukhairah for your clarification.

1.Will  it be wrong if I spell the name in English without H at the end ?

2.Which will be the more  correct spelling which would reflect the  correct meaning,  Ya minah or Ya meenah ?  do you drag the pronounciation of the Mim  like Meeeeeeeeeeeena or just min.

Our answer:

There is no issue with skipping the "h', for example the most popular spelling of Aishah in the English-speaking world is Aisha.
The name I described in my previous answer was Yaminah, which can also be written as Yaaminah. The emphasis here is on Yaa, not min. This name is written as يامنة in Arabic.
However, there is another Arabic name, Yameenah, which has the same meaning as above, but the emphasis in this one is on the meen. This name is written as يمينة in Arabic.
You can choose either of these pronunciations. You can write it as Yamina and pronounce it like Yaaminah or Yameenah, whichever one you like more.

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