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Assalamalehkum WRWB!! Can I name my son as "Ebrahim Ashtar". Please guide us if it is safe & also help us with the meaning of Ashtar??


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Ebrahim is an acceptable spelling of the name Ibrahim.

Ashtar, pronounced [(U)p + (SH)op] + [(T)oy + r(U)n + p(R)ay] and written as أَشْتَر in Arabic, was the nickname of Malik bin al-Harith an-Nakha`ee, a brave Muslim figure and close companion of Ali bin Abi Talib. Ashtar means "one whose eyelashes are curved backwards", "one whose eye is torn". It is acceptable to use this word as a name, for example out of love for Malik bin al-Harith. It is a non-Quranic name.

Ashtaar, pronounced [(U)p + (SH)op] + [(TA)sk + p(R)ay] and written as عِ, is the Arabic word for the goddess Ishtar, who was a pagan goddess worshiped by the people of modern day Iraq. Since this word refers to a concept that is against Islam, Muslims cannot use this word as a name. This word and the previous one are two completely different words in Arabic with different spellings, though they look similar in English. There is no issue with using the first one, as said earlier.

Since both Ebrahim and Ashtar are acceptable Islamic names, you can name your son Ebrahim Ashtar.

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  1. on Monday 16th of October 2017 02:16:45 AM

    Can I name my son Ali ashtar or ashtar Hussain plz tel me

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