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Muslim Boy Names – Boy Names from the Quran | 2381 Names | Page 120

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Added on July 26, 2012


Hadi means someone who guides people toward as-Sirat al-Mustaqeem (the Straight Path), and it is one of the 99 Attributes of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala). Ibn Al-Athir Al-Jazri, the great ... Read more
Added on July 12, 2012


Salih means righteous, virtuous, intact, and good, it is the opposite of corrupt. Saliah is also the name of a prophet mentioned in the Quran (alaihi salaam), who was sent by Allah (subhanahu ... Read more
Added on July 5, 2012


Khair means good, better, best; the opposite of bad and evil. It is mentioned extensively in the Quran. It also means wealth and prosperity. And establish prayer and give zakah, and ... Read more
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