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All Muslim Baby Names | Complete Listing | 6288 Names | Page 266

This list includes Muslim baby names from the Quran and other sources. All the names are verified and acceptable for Muslim children. Pink names are for girls, blue for boys, and green for both girls and boys.
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Added on February 12, 2014


Urdu for "leader of light", "king of enlightenment", formed from Arabic Zoo ("light") and Persian meer ("leader", "ruler", "emir"). Read more


Arabic for "little female deer" (if spelled ضونة). It also means "beautification", "adornment" if spelled زونة. Read more


Urdu for "spreader of light", formed from Arabic Zo ("light") and Persian reza ("pourer/spreader"). Read more


Arabic for "enthusiastic", "full of life". Read more


Arabic for "that which is given as a gift". Read more


Arabic for "like a lion", "brave". Read more


Arabic for "one who has many arts", "one who is skilled and knowledgeable". Read more


Zuha is an Arabic for girls that means "forenoon", the time between sunrise and noon. Read more


Arabic for "one who has a radiant and glowing face". It also means "floret" ("small flower"). Read more


Zuleika is a variant of Zulaikha. For more details see: Zulaikha Read more


Arabic for "one who is blessed with graciousness". Read more


Arabic for "flowers". Plural of Zahr. It can also be derived from another root, DHA-H26-R, in which case the meaning becomes "to appear", "to become seen", and in this cause the name can also ... Read more


Zulfiqar was the name of the sword that was given to Ali bin Abi Talib by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The word literally means "that which has vertebrae". Read more


Arabic for "one who is blessed with might and glory". Read more


Zulkfil is one of the prophets mentioned in the Quran (peace be upon him). He is the same as the Biblical character Ezekiel. Read more


Zulnoorain was the nickname of Uthman ibn Affan, may Allah be pleased with him, who was the third Rashid caliph. Zulnoorain literally means "the one who is blessed with two lights", he was ... Read more


Arabic for "emerald" (a precious stone). Read more


Arabic for "emerald" (a precious stone). Read more


Arabic for "beautiful", "elegant", "graceful". Plural of Zareef. Read more


Urdu version of the Arabic word Zumurrud, which means "emerald". Read more
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