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All Muslim Baby Names | Complete Listing | 6288 Names | Page 261

This list includes Muslim baby names from the Quran and other sources. All the names are verified and acceptable for Muslim children. Pink names are for girls, blue for boys, and green for both girls and boys.
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Added on March 8, 2014


Arabic for "little garden", "little Paradise", diminutive form of Jannah ("garden", "Paradise"). Read more


Arabic for "belonging to a throne", "worthy of a throne". Read more


Arabic for "belonging to a throne", "worthy of a throne". Read more


Ahdia is an Arabic and Persian name that means "woman who keeps her promises". It is formed from Ahd ("promise") and the attributive suffix -iyyah, which can be shortened to -ia. Read more


Shanaz is the Kurdish variant of the Persian name Shahnaz and means "beautiful", "loved", "like a princess". Read more


Persian for "bride", "princess", "beautiful", formed from Shah ("king", "best") and naz ("pride", "gentleness", "coquetry"). Read more


Arabic for "one who enlivens a place", "one who lives a long live". It is  the attribute noun of Aamer. Amri also means "one belongs to the Aamer tribe", which is the name of various Arabian ... Read more


Arabic for "moments", "hours of the night". Read more


Arabic for "reaching full maturity". Read more
Added on February 24, 2014


Arabic for "conscience", "heart", "mind", "innermost self". Read more


Shamir or Shameer is a Hebrew name for boys that means "flint stone" according to many websites. According to the Persian dictionary Qamoos e Ketab e Muqaddas, which is more trustworthy than ... Read more
Added on February 18, 2014


Arabic for "brilliant", "skillful", "excellent". Read more


Arabic for "brilliant", "skillful", "excellent". Read more

Sidratul Muntaha

Sidratul Muntaha means "Cedar of the Furthest Point", "Lote Tree of the Utmost Boundary", which refers to a great tree in the seventh heaven mentioned in the Quran: 13. And he [the Prophet] ... Read more


Urdu for "one who finds gold". It can also be a variant of the Kurdish name Zryan. Read more


Kurdish for "storm". Read more


Arabic for "firm decision", "resolution", "firmness of resolve". Read more


Arabic for "firm decision", "resolution", "firmness of resolve". Read more


Arabic for "resolute", "strong-willed", "decisive". Read more


Riaz is an Arabic name for boys that means "land with beautiful grass and flowers", "beautiful gardens". It is also the name of the capital city of Saudi Arabia, usually spelled Riyadh. Read more
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