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All Muslim Baby Names | Complete Listing | 6288 Names | Page 260

This list includes Muslim baby names from the Quran and other sources. All the names are verified and acceptable for Muslim children. Pink names are for girls, blue for boys, and green for both girls and boys.
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Added on March 9, 2014


Arabic for "rewards". Read more


Iqbal is an Arabic name for boys that means "becoming successful", "facing problems bravely and getting things done". Iqbal is the name of a famous Urdu language poet whose full name is ... Read more


Marzooq is an Arabic boy name that means "one who has been given provision/good things/talents". Read more


Arabic for "rain-bearing cloud". Read more


Marwan is a common historic Arabic name without a clear meaning. Some sources say it refers to a tree that has a good scent, or to a white stone used for igniting fires. Read more


Arabic for "strength", "power", and the name of a brave warrior from Islamic history (Abda bin Yazid bin Amr). Even though this name ends with an "a" which would make it sound like a girl's ... Read more


Arabic for "servant", "slave", as in "servant of Allah". It is the attributive form of Abd (servant/slave). This is a very rare name and it is not used by Arabs. We do not recommend using this ... Read more


Arabic for "struggle", especially good and major struggles, such as a nation's struggle for freedom from a tyrant. Read more


Maya (مايا) is an Avestan (an ancient Persian language) name that means "graciousness", "gracious nature". Since this is a good meaning, Muslims can use it. Maya can also be the name of a ... Read more


Arabic for "easier", "better off", "living better". It is the male version of the girl name Yusra. Read more


Arabic for "blessed", "blessings", "in the grace of God". Read more


Arabic for "heights". It is also the name of a chapter of the Quran. Read more


Arabic for "fennel", which is an aromatic plant that was originally found in the Mediterranean area and is used in cooking. Read more


Arabic for "to honor", "to respect", "to treat with grace". Read more


Arabic for "wish", "hope". Read more


Arabic for "height", "greatness", "glory". Read more


Shahbaz is a Farsi and Urdu name for boys that refers to a type of eagle, the Eastern Imperial Eagle. It is short for Shah baz, Shah means king and baz means eagle, so the literal meaning ... Read more


Arabic for "mender", "unbreaker", one who fixes and improves the world. It is the diminutive form of Jabir. Read more


Janina means "garden", a variant of Junaina. Janina also refers to a type of silk chador. Read more
Added on March 8, 2014


Arabic for "gift", "good and kind deed", "charity". The name is usually used with the meaning of "gift from Allah". Read more
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