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All Muslim Baby Names | Complete Listing | 6288 Names | Page 254

This list includes Muslim baby names from the Quran and other sources. All the names are verified and acceptable for Muslim children. Pink names are for girls, blue for boys, and green for both girls and boys.
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Added on April 23, 2014


Bayyina is an Arabic name for girls that means "clear sign", "clear proof". It is used 19 times in the Quran. They said, "O Hud, you have not brought us clear evidence, and we are not ones ... Read more
Added on April 5, 2014


Adrianna is a French name that means "from Adria", which refers to the area near the Adriatic Sea, which is the sea that is on the east of Italy. Read more


Sabit or Thabit is a direct Quranic name for boys that means "firmly in place", "stable", "unshakable". It is used in the Quran in verses 14:24 and 14:27. It is the name of a number of the ... Read more


Fawaz is an indirect Quranic name for boys that means "winner", "successful". It is derived from the F-W-Z ("to win", "to be successful") root which is used in many places in the Quran. Read more


Arash  or Aresh is the name of an ancient Persian hero who is known as Arash the Archer, mentioned in the book known as the Shahnameh of the poet Firdousi. The meaning of Arash is ... Read more


The Persian dictionaries say Yazar, pronounced [(YA)rn] + [(Z)ero + r(U)n + p(R)ay] with emphasis on the first syllable, is the name of a place. In Turkish, Yazar means "writer". It is ... Read more


Zimran is the name of one of the sons of Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him, according to the Bible, whose offspring settled in the area of moden-day Hijaz in Saudi Arabia. This name may also be ... Read more
Added on April 1, 2014


Najat is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means "salvation", "success", "to be saved". Read more


Nijat or Nejat is the Persian and Urdu pronunciation of the Arabic word Najat, which means "salvation", "success", "to be saved". Read more


Faiha is an Arabic name for girls that means "vast landscape", "open expanse of land", "scenic vista". Read more


Arya is a word that in Sanskrit, Avestan and Old Persian means “noble” and “excellent”. Read more


Armeen is a Persian name for boys that refers to a character mentioned in the Persian epic tale of Shahnameh (Book of Kings). We cannot find any information on the actual meaning of this name, ... Read more


Agha is a Turkish word that means "lord", "master", "chief". It is used in Persian similar to the English word "mister", thus a person called Muhammad Shirazi would be called Agha-e-Shirazi as ... Read more
Added on March 31, 2014


Ifrah is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means "making a person happy", "bringing joy and delight". Read more


Sami is an indirect Quranic name for boys that means "exalted", "sublime", "in a high position". Read more


Faisal is an indirect Quranic name that means "decisive ruler", a person who makes the final decision and whose opinion puts an end to all doubt. It also means "sharp sword". Read more
Added on March 29, 2014


From New Testament Susanna, from Hebrew Shoshana ("lily"), probably related to the Persian name Sawsan, which also means "lily" Read more
Added on March 12, 2014


Arabic for "supporter", "caretaker", "companion", "intimate friend", "patron", "custodian". Read more


Arabic for "dignity", "self-respect", "forbearance", "subtlety". Read more


Arabic for "brilliant", "kindled". Read more
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