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Added on March 9, 2014


Arabic for "flocks", "crowds", "bundles", "groups". Read more


Aleefa is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means "kind", "compassionate", "friendly". It is derived from the A-L-F root which is used in many places in the Quran. Read more


Arabic for "rewards". Read more


Arabic for "strength", "power", and the name of a brave warrior from Islamic history (Abda bin Yazid bin Amr). Even though this name ends with an "a" which would make it sound like a girl's ... Read more


Arabic for "servant", "slave", as in "servant of Allah". It is the attributive form of Abd (servant/slave). This is a very rare name and it is not used by Arabs. We do not recommend using this ... Read more


Arabic for "easier", "better off", "living better". It is the male version of the girl name Yusra. Read more


Arabic for "heights". It is also the name of a chapter of the Quran. Read more
Added on March 8, 2014


Arabic for "belonging to a throne", "worthy of a throne". Read more


Arabic for "belonging to a throne", "worthy of a throne". Read more


Ahdia is an Arabic and Persian name that means "woman who keeps her promises". It is formed from Ahd ("promise") and the attributive suffix -iyyah, which can be shortened to -ia. Read more


Arabic for "one who enlivens a place", "one who lives a long live". It is  the attribute noun of Aamer. Amri also means "one belongs to the Aamer tribe", which is the name of various Arabian ... Read more


Arabic for "moments", "hours of the night". Read more


Arabic for "reaching full maturity". Read more
Added on February 18, 2014


Almas is a Persian name for girls that means "diamond". Read more


Hebrew for "joyful". Read more
Added on February 17, 2014


Alicia is a form of Alice, it is derived from the Germanic word Adalheidis  which means "nobility". Read more


Alisa comes from Elissa, which was the name of the Queen of Carthage, an ancient civilization that existed in modern day Tunisia. The name probably means "wanderer" in Phoenician. It may also ... Read more


Urdu name formed from Arabic Azhar ("most prominent", "most visible") and ad-Deen ("the religion", which refers to Islam). The full meaning is "one who clarifies and explains the religion", ... Read more


Persian for "disperser", "distributor", "spreader", one who shares or spreads something. It is often used as a suffix for other names, such as Gulafshan ("spreader of flowers") and Nurafshan ... Read more


Ajwa is a type of date (the fruit of palm trees) that grows in al-Madinah. The scholar ibn Munzir, in his book Lisan al-Arab mentions that according to some sources Ajwa refers to a type of ... Read more
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